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Flight Ticket - Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Duty-Free?

Duty free means tax-free. There are "tax-free" areas at international airports. The shops located here are called duty-free shops. Because this areas are declared as not taxable, many products which are normally very expensive (parfums, electronic devices, etc.) can be bought here at low prices. Duty-free shops are located in the international terminal of airports. When you shop anywhere, you pay tax to the government on what you buy but in the duty free areas there are special circumstances and you do not have to pay tax. You must show your passport to shop in tax-free shops. Because the items you can buy in such shops are restricted by law, every product you buy will be noted in your passport. The items you can take with you on the plane when travelling abroad are limited. Please note that you are not allowed to keep some items in your checked baggage.

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