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Flight Ticket - Frequently Asked Questions

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What can I do if my luggage doesn’t arrive?

You should go to the “lost and found” department of the airline IMMEDIATELY! The airline company has to compensate the passengers for the “emergency” expenses. If the baggage is not found within 21 days, it is officially considered lost. The airline company requires a list of the items in the baggage since they have to pay a compensation for the losses.

What does a cancellation or rebooking depend on?chevron_rightIn which cases is a free cancellation possible?chevron_rightHow can I use my cash voucher?chevron_rightAre name changes possible?chevron_rightHow can I exchange?chevron_rightWhat is the way of refunds and how long do they take?chevron_rightWich payment methods do I have on is the next step, if the payment was OK, but there is an issue at the ticket and an error?chevron_rightWhat happens, if during the successful payment the price of the ticket changes?chevron_rightWhat security precautions are in use when booking on check-in via is a PNR, for what it is necessary and where do I find it?chevron_rightWhat is an online Check-in?chevron_rightHow does the check-in take place at the airport?chevron_rightHow can I check-in via mobile device, and for what do I need that?chevron_rightCheck-in time restrictions?chevron_rightDo I have to print the tickets from is the boarding pass, do I need that and how do I get it?chevron_rightHow long before the flight do I have be at the airport?chevron_rightProhibited items in luggage, luggage regulations?chevron_rightHand luggage restrictions?chevron_rightWhat do I have to do in case of damaged luggage?chevron_rightIs it possible to transport pets?chevron_rightHow can I carry a stroller?chevron_rightHow can I use a wheelchair?chevron_rightMy luggage is lost, what should I do?chevron_rightWhat happens to my luggage on flights with a stopover?chevron_rightWhat are the travel advisories of the ministries of foreign, how can I find out about them at happens in case of bad weather?chevron_rightWhat is a Visa?chevron_rightHow do I get a Visa?chevron_rightWhat are the requirements for obtaining a visa?chevron_rightHow do I get a D visa in the course of a marriage, how does the first trip take place?chevron_rightWhat are packages / branded fares at flights?chevron_rightWhat is the Business Class?chevron_rightWhat is the Economy Class?chevron_rightWhat is the First Class?chevron_rightIs secure?chevron_rightHow is the security of payment given?chevron_rightHow can I buy cheap travel insurance?chevron_rightWhich credit cards can I pay with?chevron_rightWhat is Duty-Free?chevron_rightAirport transfer?chevron_rightWhat is a Lounge?chevron_rightFrom the entry of the airport to the flight?chevron_rightWhy is always cheap?chevron_rightBooking on easy via Login?chevron_rightWhy should I take a travel insurance?chevron_rightWhy should I take the travel insurance threw of flying?chevron_rightAccident risc at flights?chevron_rightWhat are plane turbulences?chevron_rightElectronical devices at flights?chevron_rightWhat is a jetlag?chevron_rightHow do I get a passport for children?chevron_rightHow is a trip in times of pandemic?chevron_rightWhats important while landing?chevron_rightFlying with children?chevron_rightFood & Drinks at the plane?chevron_rightWhat is the Price Alarm?chevron_rightWhat is a Charter Flight?chevron_rightWhat are Miles?chevron_rightWhen is it possible to get tickets cheap?chevron_rightWhen can I get my flight tickets cheap for my main vacation?chevron_rightWhat are special services?chevron_rightCan I make changes in every flight ticket?chevron_rightCan I cancel my flight ticket? If yes, how?chevron_rightImportant information entering a different countrychevron_rightI am an Austrian/German citizen. Do I need a visa for travelling?chevron_rightDo I need to print out my ticket and take it with me?chevron_rightHow much baggage can I take with me?chevron_rightWhich payment options are possible?chevron_rightWhich electronic devices am I allowed to use during the flight?chevron_rightI have been told by the staff that the plane is over-booked. What does that mean?chevron_rightOn overview of all important steps beginning with the arrival at the airport to boarding:chevron_rightWhat is an e-ticket?chevron_rightWhat are the legal age limitations for adults, children and babies?chevron_rightHow much do I have to pay for a change in my booking?chevron_rightHow much money will I get back when I cancel my flight ticket?chevron_rightWhat if my passport expires before/during my vacation?chevron_rightWhat is online check-in and can I check-in for my flight online?chevron_rightWhat should I pay attention to regarding hand baggage/suitcase?chevron_rightWhat is the security code (CVC) and where can I find it?chevron_rightWhen is the cheapest time of the year for airline travel?chevron_rightWhat is Duty-free?chevron_rightHow and when do I receive my ticket?chevron_rightI am pregnant, am I allowed to fly?chevron_rightWhat happens when my flight is cancelled but the airline company offers an alternative flight or rather changes the time of my flight?chevron_rightHow much money will I get back, when the airline company cancels my flight ticket?chevron_rightI have renewed my passport after my booking and now I have a new passport number. What do I have to do?chevron_rightHow do I get my boarding pass?chevron_rightWhat can be transported in my hand baggage and in checked luggage?chevron_rightWas does 3D Secure mean?chevron_rightWhat is jet lag and how can I avoid it?chevron_rightIs my booking active?chevron_rightHow can I book a ticket for my unborn baby?chevron_rightCan I sign over my flight ticket to someone else?chevron_rightHow do I get my refund?chevron_rightHow long does my passport have to be valid for?chevron_rightWhat happens if I arrive at the airport without a boarding pass?chevron_rightCan I take the liquids purchased from Duty-free shops in my hand baggage aboard?chevron_rightI haven’t received the 3D Secure code. What happens now?chevron_rightSoon, I am taking my first flight ever. Can you give me any tips?chevron_rightCan I book flights for other people other than myself?chevron_rightIs my child allowed to fly alone?chevron_rightWhat do I have to do if my name isn’t spelled correctly?chevron_rightI didn’t get any response regarding my refund. What should I do?chevron_right(Connecting) flight in/to Canadachevron_rightWhy have I received multiple boarding passes?chevron_rightHow many pieces of hand baggage/suitcases can I take with me?chevron_rightI received the 3D Secure Code but the page isn’t working or couldn’t be loaded.chevron_rightWhich diseases/conditions should you avoid traveling by plane with, i.e. talk to your physician about?chevron_rightCan I make changes in my hotel booking? If yes, how?chevron_rightI have a wheelchair. What do I have to keep in mind?chevron_right(Connecting) flight in/to the US:chevron_rightWhat should I do if I haven’t received my boarding pass and my departure is within the next 24 hours?chevron_rightWhat can I do if I want to take additional baggage with me?chevron_rightI received the 3D Secure code but the process couldn’t be completed. What happens now?chevron_rightCan I make reservations by phone?chevron_rightDo I need vaccination before travelling abroad?chevron_rightWhen do I have to be at the airport?chevron_rightWhat happens to my baggage if I have stopovers?chevron_rightCan I make bookings without a credit card?chevron_rightWhich booking classes are available?chevron_rightWhere can I find my e-ticket number?chevron_rightWhat can I do if my luggage doesn’t arrive?chevron_rightI have received the error “Payment unsuccessful”. What happens now?chevron_rightThe price of my ticket increased before I could finalize the booking process. What happens now?chevron_rightWhen is the online check-in possible?chevron_rightWhat does special baggage mean and what do I have to do if I want to take some with me?chevron_rightCan I pay with instalments?chevron_rightCan I make a flight/hotel reservation without booking it?chevron_rightDo I have to check-in again for the connecting flight?chevron_rightWhat do I have to keep in mind when I am travelling with animals?chevron_rightWhat can I do if the charged amount is higher than the final price of my booking?chevron_rightWhat can I do if the time and/or date of my flight changes?chevron_rightCan I reserve a seat?chevron_rightCan I pay with my miles?chevron_rightWhat can I do if I miss my connection flight?chevron_rightWhat can I do in case of a double booking?chevron_rightCan I use my return flight even if I didn’t/don’t use my outbound flight?chevron_rightIs there a catering service on the flight?chevron_right
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