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Flight Ticket - Frequently Asked Questions

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I have a wheelchair. What do I have to keep in mind?

Passengers with wheelchairs have to inform our support team at least 72 hours before departure about the following points:

  • Do you need a wheelchair at the airport and on the way to the plane? Can you go up the stairs into the plane by yourself?
  • Do you need a wheelchair at the airport and on the way to the plane? Do you need help at the stairs? Can you move in the plane by yourself?
  • Do you need support starting from the arrival at the airport until the aircraft and a wheelchair in the cabin, as well?

If you prefer your own wheelchair, we will need the following information for a confirmation from the airline company:

  • Is it a manual wheelchair?
  • Does it have a dry or liquid battery?
  • What is the size and the weight of the wheelchair?

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What do I have to do?chevron_rightHow do I get my boarding pass?chevron_rightWhat can be transported in my hand baggage and in checked luggage?chevron_rightWas does 3D Secure mean?chevron_rightWhat is jet lag and how can I avoid it?chevron_rightIs my booking active?chevron_rightHow can I book a ticket for my unborn baby?chevron_rightCan I sign over my flight ticket to someone else?chevron_rightHow do I get my refund?chevron_rightHow long does my passport have to be valid for?chevron_rightWhat happens if I arrive at the airport without a boarding pass?chevron_rightCan I take the liquids purchased from Duty-free shops in my hand baggage aboard?chevron_rightI haven’t received the 3D Secure code. What happens now?chevron_rightSoon, I am taking my first flight ever. Can you give me any tips?chevron_rightCan I book flights for other people other than myself?chevron_rightIs my child allowed to fly alone?chevron_rightWhat do I have to do if my name isn’t spelled correctly?chevron_rightI didn’t get any response regarding my refund. What should I do?chevron_right(Connecting) flight in/to Canadachevron_rightWhy have I received multiple boarding passes?chevron_rightHow many pieces of hand baggage/suitcases can I take with me?chevron_rightI received the 3D Secure Code but the page isn’t working or couldn’t be loaded.chevron_rightWhich diseases/conditions should you avoid traveling by plane with, i.e. talk to your physician about?chevron_rightCan I make changes in my hotel booking? If yes, how?chevron_rightI have a wheelchair. What do I have to keep in mind?chevron_right(Connecting) flight in/to the US:chevron_rightWhat should I do if I haven’t received my boarding pass and my departure is within the next 24 hours?chevron_rightWhat can I do if I want to take additional baggage with me?chevron_rightI received the 3D Secure code but the process couldn’t be completed. What happens now?chevron_rightCan I make reservations by phone?chevron_rightDo I need vaccination before travelling abroad?chevron_rightWhen do I have to be at the airport?chevron_rightWhat happens to my baggage if I have stopovers?chevron_rightCan I make bookings without a credit card?chevron_rightWhich booking classes are available?chevron_rightWhere can I find my e-ticket number?chevron_rightWhat can I do if my luggage doesn’t arrive?chevron_rightI have received the error “Payment unsuccessful”. What happens now?chevron_rightThe price of my ticket increased before I could finalize the booking process. What happens now?chevron_rightWhen is the online check-in possible?chevron_rightWhat does special baggage mean and what do I have to do if I want to take some with me?chevron_rightCan I pay with instalments?chevron_rightCan I make a flight/hotel reservation without booking it?chevron_rightDo I have to check-in again for the connecting flight?chevron_rightWhat do I have to keep in mind when I am travelling with animals?chevron_rightWhat can I do if the charged amount is higher than the final price of my booking?chevron_rightWhat can I do if the time and/or date of my flight changes?chevron_rightCan I reserve a seat?chevron_rightCan I pay with my miles?chevron_rightWhat can I do if I miss my connection flight?chevron_rightWhat can I do in case of a double booking?chevron_rightCan I use my return flight even if I didn’t/don’t use my outbound flight?chevron_rightIs there a catering service on the flight?chevron_right
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