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Cheap Dalaman - Muenster/Osnabrueck flight tickets

Muenster/Osnabrueck Information About

Flight Dalaman Muenster/Osnabrueck

Book a cheap flight ticket online without having to forego the customer service of a long-term travel agency?

Welcome to MartiGO.

To start the flight search, enter your travel dates in the search field above and click on Search flight. After the listing you have the possibility to filter your results in the menu on the left. If you have any questions, please feel free to use our free customer service and make your booking by phone. You can find our contact details here: martiGO contact

Munster was founded by the Frisian missionary St. Ludger at the end of the 8th century in the course of the conquest of the original pagan Saxons by Charlemagne. The place name means "monastery" and can also be read from the Latin form monastery. Munster became a diocese in 805 and received city rights in 1170. Munster is a city in North Rhine-Westphalia. The university town and capital of Münsterland is one of the best cycling cities in Germany. In other major cities in Germany you will meet just as many cyclists as here. Munster is not only suitable for cycling, but also offers many leisure and cultural activities: On the one hand, it is a very old city center and offers many leisure activities and the surrounding Aasee. Dalaman Muenster/Osnabrueck airline tickets are among the most frequently booked international flights.


Osnabruck was founded as a diocese by Charlemagne around 780. In 1648 the Westphalia Peace Treaty was signed in the town halls of Munster and Osnabruck, which is why the city is also known as the "City of Peace". Osnabruck was also a Hanseatic city until 1669 and has been part of the New Hanseatic League since 1980. Since Osnabruck never left the Hanseatic League, one can say that Osnabruck is the oldest city of the Hanseatic League. With martiGO you can compare flight prices and find the most suitable Dalaman Muenster/Osnabrueck flight ticket for you.

  • From the airport to the city center

    The “international” Airport Munster-Osnabruck is located in the city center of Greven, about 25 kilometers north of Munster. In terms of size and connectivity, it is more like a regional airport. There are regular shuttles from the airport to Munster Central Station. To travel to this diverse metropolis, you can search for and book the cheapest Dalaman Muenster/Osnabrueck flight ticket with martiGO.

    Bus (Munster)

    There are three options from Munster-Osnabruck Airport to Munster Central Station: SchnellBus S50, RegioBus R51 and DirektBus D50. The S50 and R51 buses run between the airport and the city during the day, and the D50 bus only runs early in the morning and late in the evening. The DirektBus D50 (28 minutes) is faster than the SchnellBus S50 (34 minutes) and the RegioBus R51 (47 minutes). All buses stop at Munster central station. There is a bus roughly every hour on Sundays and there are more on working days. The journey takes about 30 minutes and costs 7.70 euros.

    Bus (Osnabruck)

    On the journey between Munster-Osnabruck Airport and Osnabruck you can use the X15 bus, which was previously known as the X150 express bus. The bus departs from the airport, has two half-stops in Radbergen and one stop in Osnabruck to Osnabruck main station (stop 1) and back again.

    Car Rental


    You can rent a car at the Avis, Budget, Europcar, Interrent and Sixt counters in Terminal 2 (Departures). The taxi is ready for you in multi-storey car park A. For the more adventurous, add a Dalaman Muenster/Osnabrueck flight to your to-do list.

  • Sights in Munster-Osnabruck

    Münster/Osnabrück - that stands for yesterday and today, for culture and cycling paradise, for bishopric and student city. This 1200 year old metropolis offers a lively city flair, exciting cultural programs and a wide range of leisure and shopping opportunities.

    St. Paul's Cathedral

    Today the cathedral is the third cathedral at that time. The first Carolingian cathedral was built in 805, at the time of St. Luger. It was replaced by a second Romanesque cathedral in the 10th or 11th century and can still be seen in the western works today. The third cathedral was built in the middle of the 13th century and is shaped like a Gothic cathedral. The cathedral was badly damaged by bombs in World War II, but was subsequently rebuilt as it is. Dalaman Muenster/Osnabrueck plane tickets are recommended to get to know this mystical place.

    Saint Lamberti

    It was built in 1375 as a market and parish church and preserves the late Westphalian Gothic. Particularly noticeable are the three iron cages on the tower in which the body of the leader of the "Anabaptist Empire" in Munster was hung after his execution in 1536. On Simon are the pictures of the four evangelists from 1911, including St. Lukas Goethe and Johannes von J.W. Friedrich Schiller received.


     The third church is the tower of which significantly shapes the cityscape of Munster. It is dedicated to the birth of Mary (hence sometimes called the Church of Our Lady), and the name "Überwasser" refers to the location across from Aaseen from the cathedral. A church stood here as early as the 11th century. The current building is a Gothic hall church that was built around 1340 and completed in the 15th century.

    Saint Ludgeri

    Is one of the oldest churches in Munster. The cross tower with a Gothic tower on the two Romanesque floors is an eye-catcher. There are also two west towers.

    Clement Church

    It is a beautiful hexagonal baroque church. It is one of the most essential baroque churches in northwest Germany with its overloaded, decorative rococo furnishings with a ceiling fresco, countless marble putti and gold decorations. The bright blue columns, an allusion to the hue of the Wittelsbach family, from whose dynasty the then Prince-Bishop Clemens August I of Bavaria descended, are particularly noticeable. The church has a pretty little baroque garden at the back.

    Historical Town Hall

    The Peace of Westphalia was concluded in 1648 in the historic, Gothic town hall with its lavishly decorated gable. This ended the Thirty Years War of Osnabrück. You can get into the vestibule free of charge, and you pay an entrance fee for the actual hall. Dutch tourists also like to visit the town hall because the Peace of Westphalia is of great importance to them. History buffs should definitely visit it on your Dalaman Muenster/Osnabrueck flight.


    The Renaissance building, built in 1589, originally served as a meeting room and warehouse for the Krameramtshaus. The Dutch embassy was here during the peace talks in Westphalia. In 1995 the university saw the opportunity to set up the Dutch lower house in the Krameramzhaus, a research institute for the culture, history and society of neighboring countries and Flanders. Events and exhibitions take place there on a regular basis.

    Gatehouses at the Neutor

    Around 1770 baroque city gates were built around the then city after the fortress of the medieval city was demolished. The architect is Johann Konrad Schroen. They acted as a security guard's apartment with controlled access to the city. Guards gathered here until 1918. Outside Newter, on the east side of the promenade, there is only one city gate, which corresponds to Moritz Thor 29.

    Paul Wulf Sculpture

    The sculpture, created by Zirke Wagner in 2007 as part of a sculpture project, has been awarded the Paul Wolf (1921-1999) Federal Medal of Merit. During the Nazi era, he was considered "weak" and was forced to be sterilized, but resisted state socialism through conspiracy theories, disinformation and sabotage.

    Cathedral Square

    The Münstermarkt in the city center takes place on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 7:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. with St. Paul. The Domplatz is also a popular meeting place for Münster residents to “see” and relax in the two street cafes on the south side of the square. Don't miss the opportunity to visit this place on your Dalaman Muenster/Osnabrueck flight!

    South Park

    In the heart of the southern district near the Josefskirche in Hammer Straße located, the Südpark is a popular jogging destination for families, dog owners and the homeless. There will also be one of the SPD district parties with a double tournament.

    Cultural History Museum

    The cultural history museum is located right next to the Felix-Nussbaum-Haus, a structural unit, a three-story house and a classicist mansion (an old brown NSDAP house with NS artefacts in the Osnabruck area). The exhibition presents collections from the fields of archaeology, handicrafts and design as well as the history and everyday culture of urban development.

    Gestapo Cellar Memorial


    The Gestapo has had its headquarters on the mezzanine floor of Osnabrück Castle since 1937. There are five cells in the basement, three of which are largely in their original state. A memorial has been erected here since 2001. In order to secure the best Dalaman Muenster/Osnabrueck flight offers, we recommend that you reserve your tickets in advance.

  • What do you eat in Munster/Osnabruck?


    Munster/Osnabruck invites you on a culinary Dalaman Muenster/Osnabrueck journey. Only the sounds of Töttchen, Pfefferpotthast, Pumpernickel and these specialties bring the historic Münsterland to life. Meat dishes such as Töttchen and Potthast are often Westphalian, but there are also hearty dishes made from braised local vegetables such as bar sauces, broad beans and various types of cabbage. Typical regional dishes are also rye bread, pumpernickel, sausage and beer. Westphalia ham on the bone has been one of the most famous products in Westphalia since the Middle Ages. The fact that the hard meat from Westphalia is not mentioned together with the hard meat from Palma or Serrano is probably due to the wonderful modesty that distinguishes Westphalia. And because every delicious meal includes a few drinks, there are regional beers and spirits such as Münsterlender corn that complement your meal perfectly. Even just to get to know these delicacies, it is worth buying a Dalaman Muenster/Osnabrueck plane ticket!

  • Culture and Entertainment in Munster/Osnabruck


    Munster is a symbol of history and future, cultural fortress and cycling paradise, city of bishops and students. With a 1200-year history, the city proves how young you can be, with a vibrant city style, exciting cultural programs and an abundance of entertainment and shopping opportunities. You may love just strolling under the beautiful arches of Principal Market in the city center. By the way, you can explore the Friedensal, an important church like St. Lamberti and the majestic St. Paulus with the cathedral square. The magnificent baroque buildings by the great master builder Johann Konrad Schrone, such as the hexagonal Clements Church, the Minster Castle and the Elpdrostenhof, are unmistakable. But also sporting activities like training in front of the castle and dancing "winning tournaments", romantic things like the famous Christmas market in Munster, historical scenes like the weekly market in Munster and the carnival attract thousands of people to this city. But you can also experience unique events such as a polo picnic in Munster. From the city center, you should definitely make a detour to the year-round zoo with the Westphalian Horse Museum, the Mürrenhof open-air museum and the idyllic Peak House in the west of the city. In certain travel periods the prices of the cheapest Dalaman Muenster/Osnabrueck flight tickets are changing, which is why you should reserve your tickets in advance.

Frequently asked questions

How do I find the cheapest Dalaman - Muenster/Osnabrueck flight ticket?

Simply enter your Dalaman - Muenster/Osnabrueck travel dates into the martiGO search field and the flights of over 540 airlines will be compared. Shortly afterwards, the most suitable and cheapest flights will be listed. Here you can also narrow your search using our filters. For example, if you want to travel with a particular airline, then a simple click on the left side is enough and the list will be updated.

Can I book a Dalaman - Muenster/Osnabrueck flight ticket by telephone?

Yes, because martiGO offers a completely free 24/7 customer service. We are therefore available around the clock in German, Turkish and English. Our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Our Customer Hotlines

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How do I pay for Dalaman - Muenster/Osnabrueck flight tickets?

To make it easier for you to book the flight ticket, martiGO offers you a variety of payment methods (including Sofortüberweisung, PayPal, VISA and MasterCard). The flight cost will be debited without additional fees and you will receive a detailed confirmation email after the transaction has been completed.

When is the cheapest month to fly the route Dalaman - Muenster/Osnabrueck?

Flight tickets are generally cheapest before and after peak season. To benefit from current offers, subscribe to our martiGO newsletter.

Dalaman - Muenster/Osnabrueck flight, which age limits are there for children?


Children under 2 years old are considered babies for Dalaman - Muenster/Osnabrueck flights. They travel with their parents in the same seat. Baby plane tickets cost 10% of the adult price. Children’s tickets are available for children between 2 and 12 years old. Adult tickets are for passengers from the age of 12.

Dalaman - Muenster/Osnabrueck flight, how do I travel in a wheelchair?

Our employees need the following information from the wheelchair user:

Do you need a wheelchair at the airport and when you get on the plane?

Can you climb stairs?

Can you board and move around the plane yourself?

Do you need help from the airport entrance to the plane?

If you plan to travel with your own wheelchair, you must inform the airline. The following information is required:

Is your wheelchair electric or manual?

Is the battery dry or liquid?


What dimensions and weight is the wheelchair?


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