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Book cheap EuroAirport Swiss flights

Cheapest price
118.34 €
Most Affordable Airline Turkish Airlines
AirportIstanbul New Airport

Cheap null EuroAirport Swiss flight tickets

Cheap null EuroAirport Swiss flight tickets

Turkish Airlines
Basel, Switzerland/Mulhouse
118.34 €

EuroAirport Swiss Information About

Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg Airport is close to the national borders of France, Switzerland and Germany. These countries also use the airport, which is why this airport has several IATA airport codes.

Address: BP 60120, 68304 Saint-Louis Cedex, France

IATA airport code: BSL, MLH, EAP

ICAO airport code: LFSB

Alias: EuroAirport, Basel Airport and Basel Mulhouse Airport

      Frequently asked questions

      Where is Basel EuroAirport airport located?


      Basel Mühlhausen Freiburg Airport is located in France but due to its proximity to Switzerland and Germany, the airport is shared with these countries.

      How many terminals does Basel Mulhouse Freiburg Airport have?


      The airport is divided into a French sector and a Swiss sector and thus has two terminals.

      How far is the center of Basel, Mulhouse and Freiburg from Basel EuroAirport?

      The center of Basel is 6km (12 minutes), the center of Mulhouse is 30km (25 minutes) and the center of Freiburg in Germany is 75km (50 minutes) away.

      Which airlines fly at Basel EuroAirport?

      Air France, easyJet Switzerland, Eurowings, TUI fly Germany and Austrian Airlines.

      You can find a complete overview here: Airlines Basel Mulhouse Freiburg Airport.

      How long does a flight to Basel EuroAirport take?

      Berlin - Basel Airport: 1 hour 30 minutes

      Madrid - Basel Airport: 2 hours 15 minutes

      Hamburg - Basel Airport: 1 hour 25 min

      Rome - Basel Airport: 1 hour 35 min

      Paris - Basel Airport: 1 hour

      Vienna - Basel Airport: 1 hour 30 minutes

      Istanbul - Basel Airport: 3 hours

      Budapest - Basel Airport: 1 hour 40 min

      What transport options are there at Basel EuroAirport?

      The BVB buses take you from the airport to Basel SBB train station and from there you can take the tram, train or bus to the city center. The ticket for bus line 50 costs 4.70 Swiss francs. You can find more information here: Website and timetable for bus route 50.

      To get to Mulhouse you can use local public transport such as bus and train. The bus journey takes only 10 minutes and a bus ticket costs € 2.50. Train travel is another option and a train ticket from Saint-Louis to Mulhouse Gare Centrale costs € 6.60.

      You can reach Freiburg with the bus service provided by FlixBus. About every hour there is a direct connection from the airport to Freiburg, it takes about 1 hour. You can find more information here: FlixBus website and timetable.

      Prices One way Round trip
      Adults 22,99 € 45,98 €
      Children up to and including 15 years 12,99 € 25,98 €

      How much does a taxi cost at Basel EuroAirport?

      Basel, Mulhouse and Freiburg can be easily reached by taxi. From the French sector, a taxi to Mulhouse costs € 50 during the day and € 60 at night. The taxi ride to Freiburg costs at least € 125. From the Swiss sector you pay 50 CHF to Basel. The trip to Freiburg is CHF 340.

      What does it cost to park at Basel EuroAirport?

      Since the airport is international, travelers can choose between a French or Swiss parking space, but the prices hardly differ.

      French car park:

      Parking fees F1 F4 F3 F5 and F6
      60 minutes 6,20 € 4,50 € 4,50 € 4,50 €
      1 day 25 € 13 € 13 € 13 €
      2 days 50 € 25 € 23 € 19 €
      3 days 70 € 34 € 32 € 26 €
      1 week 150 € 63 € 61 € 53 €
      2 weeks 245,40 € 112 € 110 € 102 €
      3 weeks 367,90 € 161 € 159 € 151 €

      Swiss car park:

      Parking fees S1 S2 S3, S4, S12 and S13
      60 minutes 7,40 CHF 6,40 CHF 6,40 CHF
      1 day 26 CHF 22 CHF 22 CHF
      2 days 52 CHF 45 CHF 45 CHF
      3 days 79 CHF 56 CHF 56 CHF
      1 week 184 CHF 106 CHF 86 CHF
      2 weeks 294 CHF 176 CHF 156 CHF
      3 weeks 392 CHF 246 CHF 226 CHF

      You can find more information here: Parking fees Basel Mulhouse Freiburg Airport.

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