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Cheap Istanbul - Berlin flight tickets

Cheapest price
144.45 €
Most Affordable AirlineTurkish Airlines
Flight Time2:55

Cheap Istanbul Berlin flight tickets

Cheap Istanbul Berlin flight tickets

Turkish Airlines
144.45 €
Turkish Airlines
155.45 €
Turkish Airlines
160.45 €
Turkish Airlines
162.45 €

Berlin Information About

Flight Istanbul Berlin

Berlin is the capital of Germany and with an area of ​​891.8 km² it is the largest city in Germany and currently has 6 million inhabitants. Many different cultures and nationalities meet in this city. When buying a flight ticket Istanbul Berlin you don't have to feel like a stranger. At the same time, residents with a migrant background also make up the largest part of the foreign population. In Berlin, the art and culture centre, there are also many sights. Before you book a plane ticket to Berlin you should decide what you want to visit, because there are so many sights to see there. If you haven't had enough time to discover the whole city before, we recommend you to follow cheap flight tickets Istanbul Berlin on our website.

Berlin is located in northern Germany between the Spree and Havel rivers. After the Second World War, Berlin was divided into East and West Berlin by the Berlin Wall between 1961 and 1990. The Berlin Wall was later torn down and was called the "Shame Wall". The city is built on a flat surface, so you can meet cyclists everywhere. It's an excellent city where you can even find space for your bicycles in the train wagons. With martiGO you can find cheap Istanbul Berlin flight tickets.

  • From the airport to the city centre

    Do not be put off by the size and complexity of the city, with buses and trains you will have no problems reaching your destinations. You can easily reach everything by public transport. With the traffic plan for the railways at the stations, you can see how they reach which destinations. It is also a good idea to get a ticket as you will be using public transport a lot.


    Tegel Airport

    Tegel Airport is located 8 km from the city centre. You can get to the city centre from the airport by bus, train and taxi.




    There is no direct transport from the airport to the city centre by train. However, you can reach the train station in 5-10 minutes by bus or taxi and then take the train to the city centre. You will reach Berlin in about half an hour.




    With the buses, which are an economical and easy alternative, you can reach many parts of the city. In front of Terminals A and B at the airport you can find regular and express buses.




    Another and the most comfortable alternative for transportation are taxis. Taxis can be found in front of Terminals A, C and E.


    Schoenefeld Airport

    Schönefeld Airport is 18 km from the city centre. It is the most important airport in East Germany.




    You can reach the city centre in half an hour. With the trains, which run every 20 minutes, you have an economical and comfortable journey to the train station.




    You can reach the city centre by regular or express buses. But you have to know exactly where you want to go and get on the right bus.




    With a taxi, which you can find at Terminal A, you can easily reach the city centre.


  • Sights in Berlin

    In Berlin it is difficult to narrow down your route as there are so many sights. If you are about to research the prices of flight tickets to Istanbul Berlin, we recommend that you plan your vacation for the summer months. You can discover Berlin in all seasons, but in the summer months the city is very lively and active. Before you book your flight ticket you should research the Berlin Welcome Card. The card, which you can buy for a day or for an hour, is not only useful for public transport, but you can also enter tourist destinations economically. Even if the city is not expensive, you should set a budget. Be ready for a wonderful journey with mysterious little streets, historical buildings and art centers with cultural effects.

    Berlin Wall

    The Berlin Wall was 46 km long and was built in 1961 and torn down again after 29 years. This wall, which divided Germany in two and prevented the passage from east to west, is now an open-air museum. On the remains of the wall there are 105 pictures by artists from different countries around the world. Drawings are made on these remains of the wall and are accepted by Berlin as an “international monument to freedom”.

    Berlin Cathedral

    With its magnificent building, visitors to the Berlin Cathedral will be enchanted. In the cathedral, which was built to match the neo-baroque style, you can climb the stairs to the top and see the magic of the city.

    Museum Island

    After your Istanbul Berlin flight, you should definitely go to Museum Island. The museum island, on which there are 5 museums, is a 15 minute distance to the city center and is on the river Spree. Museum Island is on the UNESCO World Heritage List and you can see impressive work on the unification of East and West Germany. The Museum Island is visited by thousands of visitors every year and is the most visited art museum in Germany. You should definitely visit this museum during your trip to Berlin.

    Potsdamer Place

    Potsdamer Place, a place that we can call the heart of Berlin! No matter what time of year you have planned your Berlin trip, here you can see different street performances and open air exhibitions. On Potsdamer Place you can see the historical side of Berlin as well as the modern side, the Sony Centre is also located here. We recommend you visit this place.

    Brandenburg Gate

    The Brandenburg Gate is the most popular place for tourists and the symbol of Berlin. Don't end your journey before you snap a photo in front of the gate that will charm you both day and night. There are streets around the gate to walk around. Great Christmas and other time activities are around the Brandenburg Gate.


    In Kreuzberg, where you can experience Berlin with every historical detail, there are museums with works from the 1st and 2nd World War.


    The zoo is located in the middle of the city and is one of the largest gardens in the world. This zoo is also one of the largest zoos in Europe. The zoo, which you should definitely visit, has 14,000 animals and 1,500 species. There are many different species of marine animals in the aquarium. If you are going on your Istanbul Berlin trip with your children, we definitely recommend visiting this zoo.

  • What can you eat in Berlin?

    In Berlin you will see many different restaurants and there are different types of dishes. In the first place, sausage is seen in most dishes. Curry sausage is prepared with curry and is another alternative. The Kasseler Rippen, where pork is offered, is one of the preferred restaurants in German cuisine. The pork ribs are smoked and served with mashed potatoes. If you want to eat liver, we recommend fried liver. Vegetarians won't have any problems in Berlin, as the most popular meal in the city is the so-called potato pancake, a meatball made from egg, onion and potato. Now we come to the desserts: the so-called Berliner, pasta with jam, is called pancake in Berlin. The drink that you not only see on the tables while eating, but also in the hands of people on the street is, of course, beer. In the country where the different types of beer are famous, you can see pubs and cafes serving beer everywhere. If you prefer to eat Chinese on your Istanbul Berlin flight, we recommend Pan Asia, which is located in Hackescher Hof and serves delicious and inexpensive food.

  • Culture and Entertainment in Berlin

    In Berlin, the capital of European culture, there are many theatres, cinemas, museums, art galleries and gardens. The art centres and shopping malls are mostly in the middle. The most important theatre and opera building is also nearby. The liveliest street is Hackescher Markt. Boutiques, shisha bars, cafes, restaurants. While you continue walking with your coffee, you will see the Berlin beer garden. Here you can try different coloured beers mixed with fruit syrup. You will notice the yellow license plates in front of the apartments. On these plates are the names of the victims of the war who lived in these apartments. You should definitely photograph this detail. Antique goods, second-hand goods, accessories and objects ... all of these can be found in the interesting flea market located in Mauer Park. If you want to return from your Istanbul Berlin flight with a little souvenir, you should definitely visit it. A historical sight that you should visit is the Holocaust memorial. It is a kind of grave in the form of a labyrinth that was built in memory of the Jewish victims. Berlin has more bridges than Venice and these give the city a different atmosphere with the bridges over the rivers. We recommend you to visit the historical Glienicke Bridge. This bridge was used by America and Russia to switch spies during World War I. If you have decided to travel to Berlin, you should hurry to book a Istanbul Berlin flight ticket. The Berlin Film Festival, which takes place in February, is a lively festival in Europe. Thousands of visitors come to see the festival. You want to visit the wonderful city of Berlin more often and not have enough. On our website you can see the prices of plane tickets Istanbul Berlin in detail and in order, make the reservation for the desired time and visit the city.

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