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Cheap Kayseri - Cologne/Bonn flight tickets

Cheapest price
210.51 €
Most Affordable AirlinePegasus Airlines
Flight Time3:40

Cheap Kayseri Cologne/Bonn flight tickets

Cheap Kayseri Cologne/Bonn flight tickets

Pegasus Airlines
210.51 €
Turkish Airlines
229.75 €
Pegasus Airlines
230.51 €
Pegasus Airlines
232.71 €
Pegasus Airlines
237.11 €
Turkish Airlines
237.75 €

Cologne/Bonn Information About

Flight Kayseri Cologne/Bonn

Cologne is the largest city in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia and the fourth largest city in Germany. The 405.15 km² city has a population of more than 1 million. Cologne was founded in the form of a colony by the Roman Emperor Claudius in 50 BC to protect against attacks by some tribes. This place was called "Kolini" in Latin.

Crossing the Rhine gives the city an exotic air. To see this beautiful city on the river, start looking for the most suitable Kayseri Cologne/Bonn flights. Cologne Cathedral is the most famous building on the UNESCO World Heritage List. In Cologne, the intersection of rail and airline transport networks, transport moves in a variety of ways. The city is one of the largest metropolitan areas in Europe. It is very active in the fields of culture, science, arts, commerce and entertainment. It has a temperate climate compared to other cities in Germany without wind, but precipitation prevails at any time of the year. If you book a Kayseri Cologne/Bonn flight ticket, don't forget to bring your raincoat.

  • From the airport to the city centre

    Cologne/Bonn Airport is the seventh largest airport in Germany and one of the most developed airports in Europe.


    Buses are a simple and economical alternative and you can easily get to the city centre. After you have booked your Kayseri Cologne/Bonn flight ticket, you should take a look at the bus routes and their reds on the Internet. At the same time, you can also use these buses to reach the city of Bonn.


    The trams are an easy alternative to transportation and depart to the right of the airport. Depending on the route, you have to get on the right train. With the train (S-Bahn) you can reach the city centre in 14 minutes and with the subway (U-Bahn) in 11 minutes.

    Service Car

    If the hotel you are going to stay at has a shuttle agreement, you can take the shuttle to the hotel easily and comfortably.


    With the taxis waiting in front of Terminals 1 and 2 you can reach the city centre for little money. If you want to see the prices in advance, you can see them in detail on the Cologne/Bonn Airport website.

  • Sights in Cologne

    First of all, don't be afraid of the size of the city. Due to the large number and proximity of the means of transport, you can continue your Kayseri Cologne/Bonn journey without any problems. In addition to the historical places of Cologne, which is a museum city, there are parks, gardens, shopping areas and art centers and you can spend valuable time here. If you didn't have a long time on the previous trip, you can book a cheap Kayseri Cologne/Bonn flight ticket again and visit Cologne once again.

    Cologne Cathedral

    Cologne Cathedral is on the UNSECO World Heritage List and surprises visitors with its magnificent construction. The cathedral is a wonderful size; although it took 632 years to build it could not be completed because of financial reasons. The Cologne Cathedral is also in focus and is the largest Gothic church in Northern Europe.


    The Kolumba Museum won the “Pritzker Architecture Prize” in 2009 and it is the number one place to visit. In the museum you can see remains from the Roman period. Since it was previously used as a church, you can also see the remains of the church that was damaged in the 19th century. In the museum you can see religious decorative objects, statues and paintings. The museum, which is located on Columbastraße, is only closed on Tuesdays.

    Roman-Germanic Museum

    The Roman-Germanic Museum is an archaeological museum where you can learn all the cultural and traditional constructions. After visiting Cologne Cathedral, you can walk to this place. You can visit the museum every day except Mondays and you can see windows and ceramics from the Roman period, jewels and tombs. For a journey back in time, you should book your Kayseri Cologne/Bonn plane ticket very soon.

    Hohenzollern Bridge

    Cologne is a city that connects the two banks of the Rhine with 8 bridges. If your time is limited and you have to choose one of these bridges, we recommend the Hohenzollern Bridge. This bridge is very interesting and you can reach it if you go towards the Rhine. The locks that loved ones close to the bridge are what make it so interesting. The bridge with the wonderful view should definitely be photographed.

    Wallraf-Richartz Museum

    This is the oldest museum in Cologne. In this museum you can see many valuable works from the Middle Ages and Baroque. You should definitely visit this museum, which exhibits works by the most important artists of all time.

    Fragrance Museum

    It is not to be admired that there is a fragrance museum in the city where the Cologne water is produced. This place is recommended for the Kayseri Cologne/Bonn travellers who are interested in perfumes and want to see an extraordinary museum.

    Old Market

    Here you will find houses that match the architecture of the Middle Ages and are the busiest place in the city. If you want to take a break and have something to eat or drink, you can find fun places here. At the same time, the Cologne Carnival takes place here every November.

    Jan von Werth Monument

    The story of the statue that you will see while walking the streets is a sad love story. Werth worked on a farm and fell in love at the time, but was turned down because he was poor. That's why he left the city and came back to the city after years as a rich general. The girl he had fallen in love with was now old and had not married anyone. When they met on the street, she showed remorse. We recommend you visit this statue with a significant history. What would a discovery be without a love story? So book a Kayseri Cologne/Bonn plane ticket to learn more of this sad love story.

  • What do you eat in Cologne?

    Cologne is comparable to many other German cities, but the dishes are more diverse. The Cologne cuisine suits all tastes. To say that sausage forms the basis of the kitchen would be correct. There are sausages in many dishes. In the first place we can list Kölsche Kaviar, Himmel Un Aad and Flönz. Potatoes also play an important role in Cologne cuisine and we recommend that you try the regional Rievkoche. You should also try the "Rheinische Soorbrode", which is prepared from undercooked meat. Rhenish thrush bread is often made from beef and the meat is marinated in vinegar and spices a few days beforehand. If you start your Kayseri Cologne/Bonn tour early, you should try the so-called Röggelchen, which is made from rye and is served with cheese in bakeries in most of the cafes. If you are fond of pudding, the so-called red fruit jelly, which is made from red fruits, will make you happy. If you think that chocolate cannot be had enough, we invite you to the Chocolate Museum. In this museum, which is located on the river, you can see all the details of how chocolate is made in a practical way. And if you're wondering what people like to drink in Cologne, beer naturally comes to mind. The so-called Kölsch is served in special small glasses and there are 25 types of it. You could also take a bottle with you from your Kayseri Cologne/Bonn flight for your loved one. Recommended restaurants are La Vision, Lommerzheim, Früh am Dom and Em Krützche.

  • Culture and Entertainment in Cologne

    Cologne is not only rich in historical buildings, but also in the areas of culture and entertainment. Operas, plays and festivals held every year are very interesting for tourists. Since it is a metropolis that many prefer, you should find cheap Kayseri Cologne/Bonn flight tickets to Cologne in good time to expand your budget. And what you can do in this metropolis: You can take advantage of the beauty of the city that is built over the Rhine and also take a wonderful boat tour. After the tour, you can take a walk on Hohen Strasse and buy a few souvenirs of Cologne. If you are in Cologne in November or December, you should also visit the Christmas market. In fact, you will probably be looking for a cheap Kayseri Cologne/Bonn plane ticket with full enthusiasm just for this market. If you love the Queen, don't miss the “We Will Rock You” festival. Hundreds of tourists come to this festival every year. The festival consists of the music of Queen and at the same time acts like a musical. In the Festival Musical Dome the people dress the same or similar. So this festival is not just for those who love Queen, it will delight everyone. If you want to continue your journey in an exciting place, you should visit the Phantasialand. This is Germany's largest theme park and you will have a lot of fun here. You can end your Cologne trip that you won't have enough of with a cable car tour. You can take photos of the wonderful city from the cable car. If you couldn't spend enough time in Cologne, we are sure that you will be looking for a Kayseri Cologne/Bonn plane ticket right away.

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