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Cheap flights to Kirkenes

Information about Kirkenes flights

Flight Kirkenes

Book a cheap flight ticket online without having to forego the customer service of a long-term travel agency?

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To start the flight search, enter your travel dates in the search field above and click on Search flight. After the listing you have the possibility to filter your results in the menu on the left. If you have any questions, please feel free to use our free customer service and make your booking by phone. You can find our contact details here: martiGO contact

Travelers traveling between Kirkenes  will have fun and tell them that Kirkenes Høybuktmoen is one of the most beautiful cities in Norway for a great vacation. Kirkenes Høybuktmoen, known as Nuvvosguolbba in the North Sami language, is a small town on the peninsula in the Finnmark region of Norway that hosts thousands of tourists every year. Like other Norwegian cities, Kirkenes Høybuktmoen, an island city with a sea, has seen many dramatic scenes in history. Due to the frequent fires in the city with wooden houses, many lives and property have been lost and the city has been completely rebuilt. In Kirkenes Høybuktmoen, life is known to be vibrant, colorful, glittering and serene. The general atmosphere of the city is full of peace and quiet. In addition, as the tourists arrive during the summer season, the city's joy and energy increase and the city becomes a great entertainment center. The festivals and events organized in the city increase in the summer and the city takes on the role of volunteer host in colorful and lively festivals. Kirkenes Høybuktmoen with its unique natural scenes, modern and historical buildings, the mirrors that reflect the Viking culture and the nature that makes Amazon life possible offers the opportunity to experience a fascinating vacation. Kirkenes  flights are among the most frequently booked international flights. The winter months are cold and snowy and the city has a mild climate in summer. As Kirkenes Høybuktmoen is an island town, no season is exposed to too much heat and the temperate climate is preserved. Kirkenes Høybuktmoen, where you can enjoy the cool beaches and warm sea even in summer, has all the options for a great vacation.

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From the airport to the city center

Kirkenes Airline ticket buyers can enjoy a comfortable and enjoyable journey. Kirkenes Airport, one of Norway's youngest and busiest airports, is around 12 km from the city center. It is possible to reach the city center from the airport, where thousands of domestic and international passengers are served using taxi, train, bus or car rental.


A service desk is located in the entrance hall to serve passengers at Kirkenes Airport. You can quickly find a comfortable taxi and get to the city center with peace of mind. Since Norway is a very rich city, there are no bargains. That is why we recommend that you do not bargain before boarding. Whenever you take a taxi service, make sure that the taxi you are using is an official vehicle and that you will experience exorbitant price differences in unofficial vehicles. Some of the taxi companies that you can choose to get to the city center are; 0-Taxi, Asker og Baerum Taxi, Taxi, Christiania Taxi, Follo Taxi, Nedre Romerike Taxi, Norges Taxi and Qvre Romerike Taxi.


If you have a smaller budget for your vacation, you can also get to the city center by bus, which is an inexpensive alternative. Many of the buses that leave the airport stop in the city center. For more detailed information, you can also request the number of buses that go from the service desk to the city center. It is possible to use buses by buying bus tickets from inside the buses or from ticket machines.

Rental car

If you don't want to sacrifice comfort for your vacation, you can reach the city center with a rental car. If you want a quick and comfortable journey, you can rent a car from the car rental company, which is located at the entrance of the airport and can reach the city center within 30 minutes. There are many local and international car rental companies in the city. You can rent your car by choosing one of them and you can take your first step towards starting an enjoyable journey. To travel to this diverse city, you can search for and book the cheapest Kirkenes flight tickets with martiGO.

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