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Cheap flights to Mikonos

Information about Mikonos flights

Flight Mikonos

Book a cheap flight ticket online without having to forego the customer service of a long-term travel agency?

Welcome to MartiGO.

To start the flight search, enter your travel dates in the search field above and click on Search flight. After the listing you have the possibility to filter your results in the menu on the left. If you have any questions, please feel free to use our free customer service and make your booking by phone. You can find our contact details here: martiGO contact

On your Mikonos  journey you will reach a destination on the coast where the Aegean Sea is connected to the Mediterranean Sea. The most interesting feature of the island is that it is made entirely of granite. There is an island community called Kikland where the island is located. According to the last census, more than 10 thousand people live on the island. All buildings, houses and squares are white. This gives the impression of a garden from the sky when viewed from a distance.

Although life in Mykonos calms down in the winter months, this time of year is practically harmonized with the arrival of many visitors, especially in the summer months. If you are looking for a lively and bustling vacation anytime, you must go to Mykonos during the summer months. The hospitality of the residents, the beauty of the island and the blue of the sea fascinate the people who come here. There are also many famous celebrities who prefer many famous resorts here. Mikonos Airline tickets are among the most frequently booked international flights.

Mykonos Airport serves more as a national airport. It is very close to Mykonos, the capital of the island that gives the island its name. Despite being a national airport, it has a runway that allows large planes to get on and off. The airport and city center are on the west coast of the island. This is the first stop on the island.

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From Mykonos Airport to the city center

The first stop on your Mikonos flight will be Mykonos Domestic Airport. You can also rent bus, taxi and car to get to the city center from the airport, which is only 3 km from the center of Mykonos. We can walk even if you weren't on a busy flight as the distance isn't too far. Now we will try to give you information about the vehicles with which to get to the desired point in the city center.


The fastest mode of transport is of course taxis, which are used by the locals. As there are many taxis around the airport, it would be a logical decision to take this route. We would recommend that you choose the shortest route from the three access roads, as the shortest and longest routes differ by 1 km. This difference causes higher taxi costs. The drive to the city center is only 2 miles away, but in the summer months it can be very tiring to ride in taxis.


Buses run regularly around the airport. We should also add that the only regular public transport system in the country is buses. Buses run continuously to the city center, right next to the airport. You can get to any point in a little longer than the taxi service. You can get bus tickets from the drivers. You can purchase your Mikonos airline tickets by completing your booking process.

Rental car

If you want to feel comfortable on this beautiful and quiet island, rent a car. That way, you have a chance to get to your destination instantly and not have to pay money for other modes of transport. There are several famous car rental companies in the center of the island. You can lease your vehicle by communicating with them.

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