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Cheap flights to Samsun

Information about Samsun flights

Flight Samsun

Welcome to the largest city in the Mediterranean Black Sea region! Since Samsun is very developed in education, transport, medicine and commerce, it is seen as the capital of the Black Sea region. The area of Samsun is 9,352 km². Samsun has about 1,280,000 inhabitants. Since then, Samsun has always been an important port city and is still very important to Turkey's industry and trade today. The first settlements here go back many years, 60,000 - 15,000 BC. In those times the social consciousness and the manufacturing society were not really developed. The caves in Samsun were among the first settlement areas in the world. After this time, when people still lived in caves, the first settlement areas are in 5000 BC. After the settlement of the Kaska people, Hittites, Persians, Pontus, Romans and Byzantines lived here. After the Anatolian principalities, Samsun was conquered by the Ottomans. Since the Turkish Liberation War started in this city, it plays a big role in Turkish history. Samsun is also at the forefront of the Black Sea region with the greatest capacity in agriculture, industry, livestock and tourism. The deltas formed by the Kizilirmak and Yesilirmak rivers are located in the districts of Carsamba and Bafra. To travel to this diverse city, you can search for and book the cheapest Samsun flight tickets with martiGO.

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From the airport to the city centre

Carsamba Airport, located in Samsun/Carsamba, was put into operation in 1958. As the technical situation was not very good, the airport was relocated to a district of Carsambas, in the Cinarlik village, 25 km from the city centre. Since the relocation, the airport now also has spaces that can be used in both fog and rain. For a long time, Samsun could only be reached by sea and land, and since the airport was built, the city has now also had a global network. The flight from Vienna to Samsun takes an average of 5 hours and 45 minutes. The airport offers both domestic and international flights 24 hours a day, which means that you can buy your Vienna-Samsun flight ticket from various providers. After arriving in Samsun, you can choose between several alternatives on how to get to the city centre. If your journey has been a strenuous one for you, you don't have to wait for the transfer buses. You can prefer the private buses, rental cars or taxis to get to the city centre. The bus ride to the city center takes around 30 minutes. You can compare flight prices through martiGO and book the best Samsun flight offers that are suitable for you.

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martiGO compares the flights of more than 540 airlines and lists the most suitable and cheapest flights for you. The cheapest one-way Samsun flight ticket next month on is from and costs .

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