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Cheap flights to Sevilla

Information about Sevilla flights

Flight Sevilla

Book a cheap flight ticket online without having to forego the customer service of a long-term travel agency?

Welcome to MartiGO.

To start the flight search, enter your travel dates in the search field above and click on Search flight. After the listing you have the possibility to filter your results in the menu on the left. If you have any questions, please feel free to use our free customer service and make your booking by phone. You can find our contact details here: martiGO contact

You will make your Sevilla  trip to one of the southernmost destinations in Spain. The city is the capital of Andalusia and one of the most important autonomous regions in Spain. The city center and its surroundings and population cover more than 1.7 million people. The center is about 87 km from the Atlantic Ocean. It is known as one of the most important cities in Spain's history. Hosts the third largest cathedral on the European continent. The many cultures have made the city colorful and diverse. Barcelona and Madrid are one of the most important cities in terms of tourism and economy in Spain. There are many different attractions in this beautiful city. It is one of the cities that have completed their infrastructure and transportation development. In the center of the city, two different branches of the Guadalquivir River. This makes the emergence of great landscapes. The city center is to the east of this river. This river has also ensured that Seville is an inner port. Some ships can come to Seville on the river route. This was developed inland, although it has improved in maritime transport.

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From the airport to the city center

After purchasing a Sevilla plane ticket to travel to Seville, the first point is Seville Airport. The distance to the airport is approx. 14 km. You can pass this distance quickly with various transport tools. The modes of transportation you can use include the subway, bus, taxi, and car rental. With this variety, you can reach the city in 20 to 30 minutes and settle in your hotel.


The bus is at the beginning of the most common means of transport. In 33 minutes you can reach the busiest places in the city by a single route. Of course, this can take a little longer, depending on the traffic. With the bus going downtown every half hour, it won't be difficult to find a vehicle when your plane lands. You can get to the Llegades bus stop by going to 2.40 euros. This transportation route is also the most convenient way to stroll around the city center.


If you think you are exhausted after your trip, you can continue your journey by taxi. The city of Seville is generous to its visitors. From the airport you can always find a taxi to the city center. As there are plenty of taxis, it is very convenient for transportation to other Spanish cities. The fee paid for this transport is usually 20 to 22 euros. At martiGO you will find over 700 airlines with thousands of Sevilla flights at the best deals for your budget.


One of the services that you can use for transportation is the subway shuttle. This service allows you to travel a distance of 1 km to the city center. From here you can drive on the way to the bus. Although he's quick on the bus, he doesn't have a long line. The fee for using a single subway would be 1.30 euros. It takes place every 30 minutes.

Car Rental

You can also rent a car if you want to reach Seville and travel around. There is a lot of diversity in this regard. There are offices of companies and eropcar companies around the airport. You can reserve your car by calling you without traveling. When you get into town, you can easily take a stroll from here. With martiGO you can compare flight prices and find the most suitable Sevilla flight ticket for you.

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martiGO compares the flights of more than 540 airlines and lists the most suitable and cheapest flights for you. The cheapest one-way Sevilla flight ticket next month on is from and costs .

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