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Cheap Amsterdam - Istanbul flight tickets

Cheapest price
111.5 €
Most Affordable AirlinePegasus Airlines
Flight Time3:25

Cheap Amsterdam Istanbul flight tickets

Cheap Amsterdam Istanbul flight tickets

Pegasus Airlines
111.5 €
Turkish Airlines
133.04 €
Pegasus Airlines
134.48 €
Pegasus Airlines
138.48 €
Pegasus Airlines
156.48 €
Turkish Airlines
157.04 €
Turkish Airlines
159.04 €

Istanbul Information About

Flight Amsterdam Istanbul

Istanbul is the only metropolis in the world that is on two continents. The meeting of Asia and Europe makes Istanbul a cultural, economic and financial bridge. With an area of 5461 km2 and 14 million inhabitants, it is the most densely populated city in Turkey. According to the archaeological findings recently, the history of Istanbul is 400 thousand years old, making it one of the oldest cities and stretching back to the 7th century BC. Istanbul was the capital of important rulers such as the Romans, Byzanths and Ottomans. Even if Ankara has handed over its role as the capital, it is the center of finance, history and culture in the country. The mild climate all year round offers an incredible number of beauties that are sure to appeal to everyone in one way or another.

  • From the airport to the city centre

    If you want to buy airline tickets Amsterdam Istanbul soon and come to Turkey, our letter will help you in many ways. There is one private (Hezarfen) and two state airports in Istanbul. In addition, there was a new Istanbul New Airport in 2018. You can find cheap domestic and international airline tickets on the Anatolian or European side, depending on where you want to stay. Of these, the first airport on the European side, formerly known as Yesilkoy Airport, now known as Ataturk Airport, with its services was chosen as the 11th largest airport in 2015. From Ataturk Airport in Bakirkoy/Yesilkoy, private vehicles, taxis, public buses, private buses from the airport and rail transport can be quickly reached anywhere in Istanbul 24 hours a day. However, if you want to travel by road in Istanbul, you have to be prepared for the long transport routes. Although not as big as Ataturk Airport, Sabiha Gokcen Airport in the Pendik area on the Anatolian side is a comfortable alternative for international and domestic flights. It owes its name Sabiha Gökcen to the first Turkish female pilot. In terms of density, it is much more pleasant than Ataturk Airport. You can also choose private cars, taxis, public buses and private airport buses from the airport to the city center. The third and final Hezarfen Airport is known as a historical figure who lived in the Ottoman Empire. Hezarfen Ahmed Chalabi, an Ottoman scholar in history is known as the first man to fly with artificial wings. The airport in Arnavutköy, which bears this name, is also the first commercial airport in Turkey. To travel to this diverse metropolis, you can search for and book the cheapest Amsterdam Istanbul flight tickets with martiGO.

  • Sights in Istanbul

    If you are coming to Istanbul for the first time, we recommend that you prepare an excursion program beforehand. If you're short on time and budget, instead of trying to see all the sights in the city in a few days, take advantage of the long weekends and buy cheap Amsterdam Istanbul plane tickets to enjoy the city. Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, there are so many beauties that you will experience in this city. We have put together for you the places that you should definitely see in order to experience the unique touch of history.

    Hagia Sophia Museum

    The Hagia Sophia Cathedral was built three times in the same place, most recently built by the Byzhantine ruler Justinian I at its spectacular location and converted into a mosque after the conquest of Istanbul. After the conversion to a mosque, it was well preserved with additions and the construction of the minarets by Mimar Sinan. The name of Hagia Sophia, which is now a museum, means 'the holy wisdom'. It is one of the most important and grandiose works on the history of world architecture with its domed basilica building that connects the plan of the basilica and the centre.

    Yerebatan Cistern

    In this cistern, built by Justinian to meet the palace's water needs, there are 336 columns of various styles 9 meters in length. The basilica cistern, also just called cistern, is located in the southwest of Hagia Sophia with a water storage capacity of 100,000 tons. When you enter, you can find yourself in a mysterious environment with its ambience and architecture. History buffs should definitely visit it on your Amsterdam Istanbul flight.

    Kapalicarsi (Bazaar)

    Kapalicarsi is one of the important values that brought about the diversity, trade and economic strength of the Ottoman Empire, which with the conquest of Istanbul became one of the greatest rulers in the world. The bazaar was built in such a way that every shop had to be the same size, every street belonged to a specific trade and competition was definitely forbidden and fair and orderly business was done under the control of the Ottoman Empire. The Grand Bazaar in Fatih, Beyazit, covers a very large area so it is possible to come from Cağaloğlu and Çemberlitaş.

    Galata Tower

    The Galata Tower, located in the upper part of the Karaköy district, which appeals to everyone with both its appearance and history, was built in 528 during the Byzantine rule. It is one of the first towers in the world and offers panoramic views of Istanbul's coastline, Golden Horn and Istanbul Bosphorus. The flight from Ahmet Çelebi to Üsküdar with the artificial wings of the Hezarfens was realized through this tower. Don't miss the opportunity to visit this place on your Amsterdam Istanbul flight!

    Maiden's Tower/Lighthouse/Kiz Kulesi

    Although the exact date of the start of the architectural process is unclear, it is said to date from the 340s. A tower in the middle of the sea in Üsküdar, which has left various myths behind, was used as a tax collection centre, lighthouse, quarantine hospital and radio station, and eventually it was opened for tourist purposes.

  • What do you eat in Istanbul?

    Amsterdam Istanbul plane tickets are recommended to get to know this mystical place. There is a culinary culture that is enriched and diversified by the journey of the Turks from Central Asia to Anatolia, spreading over a wide geographical area and interacting with different cultures. One of the few places where you can find the original, unique flavours of every region of Turkey is Istanbul. If you like to eat meat dishes, we recommend dishes such as the delicious Iskender Kebap or Cig Köfte. If you like dishes made with olive oil, don't leave without having eaten the stuffed olive oil vine leaves in a beautiful restaurant wrapped in grape leaves. If you want to take a break from your city tour, eat something standing and discover street food, the fish sandwiches on the coast of Karaköy or Kadiköy are just the thing for you. If you have a sweet tooth, you should try the Turkish delight or baklavas with pistachios that adorn the display cases that are in Kapalicarsi between the spice shops. If you want to give a delicious gift to your family or loved ones waiting to return, consider bringing freshly ground Turkish coffee. Even just to get to know these delicacies, it is worth buying a Amsterdam Istanbul ticket! If you start to get hungry while reading all of this, all of these tastes are so close by one Amsterdam Istanbul plane ticket!

  • Culture and Entertainment in Istanbul

    If you are already in the city of Istanbul, which combines culture, art and entertainment, you must also see the famous Istiklal Street. Istiklal Street, which starts in Taksim Square and ends in Sishane, includes every activity you can think of, such as night life, art galleries, shopping malls, department stores of many global brands, and small and large arcades. You can see the nostalgic tram through the middle of the traffic-free street as if you were in the middle of a historical movie. When you get tired of the end of the street, you can eat and drink in cafes, world famous restaurants and the shows of street artists will take you to another world where there are tourists from all over the world. At the end of this colorful journey down Istiklal Caddesi to Galata, you can follow Karakoy's conversations with trendy restaurants and streets steeped in history. You can watch the entertainment program from the Istanbul Culture and Art Foundation which organize world famous shows and for indigenous culture and art shows follow the activities of Beyoglu city and Kadikoy city. It is possible to find world famous brands in large shopping malls in places like İstinye or Levent. You definitely won't come home from your Amsterdam Istanbul flight empty-handed.

    We briefly mentioned all the colours of Istanbul, but some beauties become more important when you experience them. If you are thinking of spending your next vacation in Istanbul and want to make your trip cheap, you have come to the right place! Browse through our flight offers Amsterdam Istanbul and compare the most popular airlines and get the cheapest Amsterdam Istanbul flight ticket.

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