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Cheap Geneva - Malatya flight tickets

Malatya Information About

Flight Geneva Malatya

Malatya - the largest city in its region has an area of 12,146 km2 and a population of 773,000 people. The city known as the Land of Apricots produces almost 90% of Turkey's apricots. Two presidents of the Republic of Turkey, Ismet Inönü and Turgut Özal, are from Malatya. Malatya, which is mentioned as Melita on the tablets of the historical Kültepe and as Maldia on the Hittite tablets, is derived from the word Melid, which means honey in Hittite. It has become an important Neolithic centre as it has both rich water resources and historical trade routes on the caravan routes such as the King's Road and the Silk Road. In Malatya there are several mountains on their traces up to 6000 BC.

You can also explore the city's rich history with the cheapest Geneva Malatya flights. We would like to add that the dams built on the city's water resources have characteristics that the region used to have a harsh land climate, temperate climate.

  • From the airport to the city centre

    Malatya Erhaç Airport, 34 km from Malatya and located in Akçadağ Province, was built in 1947. Due to its geographical location, air traffic is also planned for the surrounding cities. As demand increased, the airport was expanded in 2007 and opened for international flights. The annual passenger from Malatya Erhaç Airport is 900 thousand from domestic and 100 thousand from abroad. With favourable Geneva Malatya airfares to Malatya, you can be among those 100 thousand people. You can get to the city center from the airport by private airport buses and 24-hour taxis. If you want to rent a car, you can get the service from the car rental company at the airport. Since city buses are a little far away for transportation to the city center, they are not as preferred as other alternatives.

  • Sights in Malatya

    Malatya was an important transit route for many civilizations due to its location on historical trade routes. This means a lot of attractions to visit and see. The suitcases are ready, the Geneva Malatya plane ticket has been bought; the reservation of the accommodation has been made; now the destination is Malatya, the apricot country!

    Aslantepe Hill

    7 km from the city centre, one of the largest hills in Turkey is Aslantepe. The place was since the 6th millennium BC. Settled in the 2nd millennium BC He belonged to the Hittite empire and from the late 1st millennium BC onwards. The centre of the late Hittite kingdom of Melid was located here. Finds from archaeological excavations show that Aslantepe was a political, religious and cultural centre at the time.

    Malatya Museum

    More than 15,000 pieces from the Neolithic, Chalcolithic, Hittite, Urartu, Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman times are exhibited here.

    Silahtar Mustafa Pasha Karawansaray (Kervansaray)

    The caravansaray Mustafa Pascha, mentioned in Evliya Celebi's travelogue as the splendor of architecture, was built at the time of Murat IV in Battalgazi. It is known that the exterior of the caravansaray was designed and used as a shop. History buffs should definitely visit it on your Geneva Malatya flight.

    Malatya Ethnographic Museum

    The Malatya Ethnography Museum, also known as Beşkonaklar, is located on Sinema Street. Goods, accessories, kitchens and lighting tools that reflect the traditions of the Malatya region are displayed here. As a structure, it bears the architectural features of traditional Malatya houses.

    Levent Valley

    One of the most interesting places on your trip to Malatya is the Levent Valley. Archaeological excavations in the Levent Valley in the city of Akçadağ reached the remains of the late Hittite period. As you explore cliffs, caves, and interesting surface features, you may feel like you are the first to spot it. The terrain, which is perfect for motorsport lovers, can hike here and enjoy the view.

    Battalgazi Great Mosque

    The mosque was built by Alaeddin Keykubad in 1220 and attracts attention with its qualities reflecting the Seljuk architecture.

    Orduzu Pinarbasi

    In the Orduzu (Bahçebaşı) district, 5 km from the city centre, a pond was built in front of the spring water. Surrounded by pine trees, it became one of the most visited regions in the country and tourists. Some activities take place here as part of the Malatya Apricot Festival. If you can adjust your Geneva Malatya flight ticket between these holidays, we recommend that you attend the organized events.


    With the old name Daskuza, the province of Arapgir, believed to be 1200 BC, includes BC, many mosques, especially the great mosque, historical works and baths.

    Günpınar Waterfall

    The Günpınar waterfall in the historical and tourist districts in Dare is a point is a spectacular natural beauty with tall trees lining the spilled water and natural environment. After visiting the Sulu Cave, we recommend that you sweep your route to rare manuscript libraries in the district centre.

    Ispendere Drinking Water

    Malatya's healing water is known as İspendere Drinking Water. Here you can go to the thermal baths and get mineral water. Thermal bath lover Malatya invites you on an unforgettable Geneva Malatya trip.

    Mount Nemrut

    The world's eighth wonder, the Nemrut Mountains, had been in constantly changing ownership between Adiyaman and Malatya for many years and was most recently recorded as Malatya. Mount Nemrut, with its 10-meter-high statues of the Greek and Persian gods who were the Commagene king in 62 BC., attracts millions of tourists from all over the world. In addition to the statues, there are monumental tombs and mosaic-like inscriptions in the district. Nemrut is considered to be one of the most beautiful spots in the world, where you can see the sunrise most beautifully. Since Nemrut Mountain is the place where Christianity began and has become the subject of many legends and esoteric secrets, it is a special place to buy a Geneva Malatya plane ticket. Come and discover the secret of Mount Nemrut for yourself. Both the national park, which is at an altitude of 2,150 meters, as well as the old castle, the new castle, the Karakus hill and the Cendere Bridge on the Nemrut Mountain should be visited.

  • What do you eat in Malatya?

    We hear you say apricot. Of course, there is a lot more to discover than the apricot in Malatya cuisine, which has thousands of years of culture. You should try Malatya's famous dishes. Even just to get to know these delicacies, it is worth buying a Geneva Malatya plane ticket! At the top of the list is a great kebab, made from meat wrapped in oily paper in copper chains. The other important flavours of Malatya cuisine are the meatballs with more than 70 varieties. We recommend, if not all, the most famous meatballs Analıkızli, Sikmali, Elmali, Liver Dumplings, Kursun gecmez Köfte, a pinch of meatballs (Cimdik Köfte), Cigköfte with meat. If you prefer sour, tart dishes, you will love sour meatballs and the alternative to pomegranate syrup, plum syrup. During the preparation for the winter in Malatya, the fruits are dried and vegetables pickled in the summer. The Malatya cuisine has mastered this preparation very well due to the harsh winters in the past. Therefore, Malatya cuisine is a four-season flavour. In winter, people heat the soups Tarhana, Black Soup, Gendirme Soup, Pirpirim, Gurut Soup, which are quite varied, tasty and healthy and recommendable. Besides meals, there are a thousand kinds of bread; Tandır, Yufka, Kinali, Baslama, etc. If you like natural flavours, you are in luck, dried fruits, cookies, apricots are very famous. You definitely won't come home from your Geneva Malatya flight on an empty stomach.

  • Culture and Entertainment in Malatya

    You can take part in many activities such as the Apricot Festival in Malatya, the Cherries and Sports Festival, the International Film Festival. In addition, there are festivals with cultural and entertaining themes based on foods such as the Burg Kirsch Festival and the Honey Festival. If you want to take part in cultural and art events other than festivals, you can follow the activity programs of the exhibition centers. You can do health tourism in spas. Malatya invites you on a relaxing Geneva Malatya journey. In terms of handicrafts, they have developed rugs and kilims, copper kitchen utensils, wooden spoons, bowls and reels considerably. The Grand Bazaar and Copper Bazaar open their doors as two key places to find handicrafts and souvenirs from your Geneva Malatya flight. If you want to leave the traditional and cultural exchanges behind, you can explore the busy streets of Malatya. You can relax in the places in Ataturk and İnönü streets and continue your journey. It is known that the city, famous for its songs, has produced many successful professionals. With the cheapest Geneva Malatya airline tickets and secure booking options, Malatya's historical and cultural attractions are even closer!

Frequently asked questions

How do I find the cheapest Geneva - Malatya flight ticket?

Simply enter your Geneva - Malatya travel dates into the martiGO search field and the flights of over 540 airlines will be compared. Shortly afterwards, the most suitable and cheapest flights will be listed. Here you can also narrow your search using our filters. For example, if you want to travel with a particular airline, then a simple click on the left side is enough and the list will be updated.

Can I book a Geneva - Malatya flight ticket by telephone?

Yes, because martiGO offers a completely free 24/7 customer service. We are therefore available around the clock in German, Turkish and English. Our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Our Customer Hotlines

Country Phone Number
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How do I pay for Geneva - Malatya flight tickets?

To make it easier for you to book the flight ticket, martiGO offers you a variety of payment methods (including Sofortüberweisung, PayPal, VISA and MasterCard). The flight cost will be debited without additional fees and you will receive a detailed confirmation email after the transaction has been completed.

When is the cheapest month to fly the route Geneva - Malatya?

Flight tickets are generally cheapest before and after peak season. To benefit from current offers, subscribe to our martiGO newsletter.

Geneva - Malatya flight, which age limits are there for children?


Children under 2 years old are considered babies for Geneva - Malatya flights. They travel with their parents in the same seat. Baby plane tickets cost 10% of the adult price. Children’s tickets are available for children between 2 and 12 years old. Adult tickets are for passengers from the age of 12.

Geneva - Malatya flight, how do I travel in a wheelchair?

Our employees need the following information from the wheelchair user:

Do you need a wheelchair at the airport and when you get on the plane?

Can you climb stairs?

Can you board and move around the plane yourself?

Do you need help from the airport entrance to the plane?

If you plan to travel with your own wheelchair, you must inform the airline. The following information is required:

Is your wheelchair electric or manual?

Is the battery dry or liquid?


What dimensions and weight is the wheelchair?


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