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Cheap Hanover - Denizli flight tickets

Denizli Information About

Flight Hanover Denizli

Denizli connects the Aegean Sea, Central Anatolia and the Mediterranean Sea and has an area of 11,861 km2 and a population of 993,000. Denizli is famous for its crowing rooster. The city is an important industrial, commercial and export city. Denizli is relatively advanced in terms of arts and culture and is considered to be one of the most developed cities in Turkey. The world famous Pamukkale terraces have become a symbol of Denizli today. Thousands of tourists buy Hanover Denizli plane tickets every year just to experience these unique limestone terraces. But Denizli offers its visitors with its history and culture from the year 4000 BC. much more than just these terraces. Examples of the first settlement in the city were found in Beycesultan Höyügü. You will meet many ancient cities and historical beauties in Denizli.

  • From the airport to the city centre

    Denizli Cardak Airport in the city of Çardak was opened in 1991 and after a while it was reorganized in 1998 due to a lack of space. International passenger flights were opened during the agreement. As the tourist potential of Denizli is increasing day by day, a new section with 2,200,000 passengers per year was built and put into operation in 2008. You have several alternatives to get to the city center from the airport, which is 5 km from the province of Çardak and 63 km from the centre of Denizli city. You can get to the city centre with the city buses or with the service of some airlines that are adapted to the flight. If you want to move faster, you can opt for taxis, which are available around the clock at the airport, or for rental cars whose companies are located in the terminal. Even if the prices for Denizli flights are regularly adjusted, you can start your trip cheaply with cheap flights Hanover Denizli.

  • Sights in Denizli

    There are too many places to discover in Denizli with its fascinating artefacts and natural beauties. If you prefer the summer months to visit Denizli, you should take a look at the flight offers Hanover Denizli.


    The famous Pamukkale travertines, which are rare in the world, are located in the valley of the Menderes River. The white coloured travertine consists of clayey rock, which can be traced back to healing thermal waters from the subsoil. In Pamukkale, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List, thermal water comes in gel form on the surface and gradually becomes hard and rocky. The thermal water in the region is not made available all the time, but is checked at regular intervals.

    Tripoli Ancient City

    Denizli is on the historic Silk Road and there are a total of 14 ancient sites in the city. The ancient city of Tripoli in the province of Buldan, about 40 km from the city center, is a transition between the Mediterranean region and Central Anatolia. It is believed that Tripoli was founded by the Bergama Kingdom. It was a very rich city due to the trade between Lydia, Phyrgia and Karja. Tripoli, which existed during the golden age of Roman rule, suffered from the wars and earthquakes it had witnessed throughout history. Many of the works from the ancient city to the present day are from Roman times.

    Hierapolis Ancient City

    The ancient province of Hierapolis, which is 18km far from the city centre, has many temples and religious buildings and was named as the Holy City at the stage of history. Hierapolis' founding date is not known exactly, but it is estimated that the first name from the 2nd century BC was named after Queen Hiera, the wife of the king. The city, which had Hellenistic features until Roman rule, has lost its Hellenistic traces due to the earthquakes, only the Roman features remain. It was also a valuable centre for the Byzantines who owned the city after Rome. The ancient city is known for the fact that St. Philippe, an apostle of Jesus who tried to spread Christianity, died here. History buffs should definitely visit it on your Hanover Denizli flight.

    Hierapolis Ancient Pool

    During the Roman period, Hierapolis served as a health center for the region and the surrounding area. The ancient basin at Hierapolis was the result of an earthquake. It is said that the medicinal waters here are good for cardiovascular diseases, rheumatism, tension and skin diseases. Denizli plane tickets can only be bought for a swim in a pool filled with ancient remains!

    Hierapolis Ancient Theatre

    The Hierapolis Antique Theatre was built according to Greek architecture; the marble columns of the theatre are decorated with oyster motifs. The reliefs on the pillars depict various historical events and mythological subjects.

    Colossae/Honaz Old Town

    The ancient city of Colossae in the city of Honaz and one of the seven churches mentioned in the Bible is located 2 km from the city. It has been a transit route since ancient times and one of the most important cities of Phrygia. You can visit the remains of the city and the rock tombs.

    Karahayıt/Red Water Hot Springs

    In Karahayıt there are the colourful brothers who are 5 km from the white travertines of Pamukkale. Unlike Pamukkale, the thermal waters in Karahayit Province are red, green, and white travertines on the surface. We don't recommend touching the hot water, but you can visit the healing hot springs here to take advantage of the thermal water.


    Laodicea was one of the most famous cities in Anatolia in the 1st century BC. In some sources it is mentioned here as Laodikeia on the banks of Lycos, and in other sources it is said that it was first founded by the Antiokhos who gave the city the name of his wife in the 2nd century BC. The city, which was an important city during the Roman rule, was considered very valuable in terms of Christianity. It was destroyed by an earthquake in the 1960s. At martiGO you will find over 700 airlines with thousands of Hanover Denizli flights at the best deals for your budget.

    Honaz Mountains National Park

    The highest point of the Aegean Sea in the Honaz district is the national park. Here you can go into nature, take quiet walks. Many of the plant species that you will see in the national park are rare species that only grow here. It is possible to observe the Colossae rock tombs in the national park, where wildlife is at least as rich as plant species.


    Another health point of Denizli that includes the miracle with its healing waters is Tekkeköy. The spas here are said to be good for respiratory, skin diseases, gynecological diseases, and rheumatism. In order to use the waters coming from the underground in Tekkeköy, it is necessary to cool down first. If you want to visit a hot spring other than Tekkeköy, you can try the Pneumatic Spas.

    Acıpayam Yazır Mosque

    The mosque with its wooden column from the 13th century is located in the city of Acipayam. We recommend you to visit the famous mosque with its decorations.

    St. Philippe Martyrion Church

    One of the oldest and most famous remains in the region, the church was built specifically for St. Philippe, one of the 12 apostles of Jesus. It is believed that the saint, who is believed to have been killed during Christian propagation attempts, was buried here for eternal sleep. The church is located in the north of the ancient city of Hierapolis.

    Akhan Caravanserai

    Akhan Kervansaray is 8 km from Denizli. The geometrically patterned ornaments have been visible in the caravanserai courtyard since the 13th century.

    Kaklik Cave

    The travertine in the Kaklik cave in Honaz town and the small waterfalls in the north of the cave are worth seeing.

    Southern Waterfall

    South Waterfall, 70 km from the city center, is on our list because it is a must-see.

    Yeşildere Waterfall

    At the foot of the Yeşildere waterfall, which runs out from a height of 55 meters, there are rocks that look like sponges and lush green mosses. One of the activities that you can do in the region is safari tours. With the Hanover Denizli flight ticket you can travel between 300-year-old plane trees.

    Keloglan Cave

    One of the caves for tourism in Turkey is the Keloglan Cave. These cave stalagmites and the stalagmites in Acıpayam are worth seeing. This cave is known for its healing properties in treating diseases such as asthma and bronchitis. If you are looking for a thermal destination for your health, we recommend Hanover Denizli flight.

  • What do you eat in Denizli?

    There are many flavours that you will discover in Denizli kitchen that will delight your appetite with its natural beauties. For example, tarhana, an indispensable soup of winter, is prepared in Denizli with cow beans, garlic and mint. Unlike the others, in Denizli you have to try the wheat dish, which is served in a clay pot, with jalapeno sauce. One of the classics of the Aegean region is the cow bean that you should definitely try. The famous Denizli version of the grape leaves, which are eaten a lot, also has parsley in the recipe. You can add all types of eggplant with meat, peppers and tomatoes sliced or fried in denizli to your list. The other eggplant flavours that we recommend are fried eggplant, pancakes and eggplant skewers. You will experience the Aegean breezes in the most beautiful baked goods and desserts of the Denizli kitchen. If you're looking for a meaty taste, you can try a lamb cooked in a well tandem. You definitely won't come home from your Hanover Denizli flight on an empty stomach.

  • Culture and Entertainment in Denizli

    Denizli is one of the most developed cities in Turkey in terms of culture and art. There are many festivals in the city including international festivals. When visiting Denizli it is possible to coincide with one of these events. Denizli, a leading city in industry and tourism, has a very dynamic atmosphere with its student population. If you want to shop, you can choose large shopping malls and bazaars. The Kaleici bazaar is one of the most famous bazaars in Denizli. If you want to buy a gift from the Denizli cultures, which is home to handicrafts like weaving, leather goods, copper processing, fabrics and decorative fabrics made in the Buldan district are great. You definitely won't come home from your Hanover Denizli flight with empty suitcases. In terms of entertainment, there are some live music venues, concert venues, and nightclubs. You can also buy snacks in the Serinhisar district, famous for its roasted chickpeas. You can buy towels, bathrobes, and home textiles that are exported to America and Europe locally. Don't forget to take a photo with the rooster statue in some places in the city centre during your Hanover Denizli trip!

    Early booking reduces your vacation expenses to a minimum and maximizes your vacation enjoyment. Discover the low fares for a pleasant vacation with the cheapest Hanover Denizli flights!

Frequently asked questions

How do I find the cheapest Hanover - Denizli flight ticket?

Simply enter your Hanover - Denizli travel dates into the martiGO search field and the flights of over 540 airlines will be compared. Shortly afterwards, the most suitable and cheapest flights will be listed. Here you can also narrow your search using our filters. For example, if you want to travel with a particular airline, then a simple click on the left side is enough and the list will be updated.

Can I book a Hanover - Denizli flight ticket by telephone?

Yes, because martiGO offers a completely free 24/7 customer service. We are therefore available around the clock in German, Turkish and English. Our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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How do I pay for Hanover - Denizli flight tickets?

To make it easier for you to book the flight ticket, martiGO offers you a variety of payment methods (including Sofortüberweisung, PayPal, VISA and MasterCard). The flight cost will be debited without additional fees and you will receive a detailed confirmation email after the transaction has been completed.

When is the cheapest month to fly the route Hanover - Denizli?

Flight tickets are generally cheapest before and after peak season. To benefit from current offers, subscribe to our martiGO newsletter.

Hanover - Denizli flight, which age limits are there for children?


Children under 2 years old are considered babies for Hanover - Denizli flights. They travel with their parents in the same seat. Baby plane tickets cost 10% of the adult price. Children’s tickets are available for children between 2 and 12 years old. Adult tickets are for passengers from the age of 12.

Hanover - Denizli flight, how do I travel in a wheelchair?

Our employees need the following information from the wheelchair user:

Do you need a wheelchair at the airport and when you get on the plane?

Can you climb stairs?

Can you board and move around the plane yourself?

Do you need help from the airport entrance to the plane?

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Is your wheelchair electric or manual?

Is the battery dry or liquid?


What dimensions and weight is the wheelchair?


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