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Cheap flights from Helsinki to Trabzon

Information about flights from Helsinki to Trabzon

Trabzon is located in the eastern Black Sea region. Trabzon has an area of 6,340 km² and 768,417 inhabitants, making it the second largest city in the Black Sea region. Trabzon is mentioned in historical records in 400 BC, but archaeological excavations show that the city's past dates back to 2000 BC. In Trabzon, the chance of rain is very high all year round. The city with its wonderful history, nature and culture has been a very important trading center and export port since ancient times. You will be amazed by the mountains and natural beauties of this area.

The inhabitants of the city, where traces of the Persians, Byzantines and Romans can be found, have a unique lifestyle. After booking your Helsinki Trabzon flight tickets, you can look forward to a unique and unforgettable trip to the city of Trabzon.

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From Helsinki Airport to the city centre

Helsinki travellers land at Vantaa Airport. The airport is located in Vantaa, a neighbouring city to Helsinki. There are several alternatives to reach the city from this airport, which is also called Helsinki - Vantaa Airport.

Kutsuplus Service

The new private public transport to get from the airport to the city centre is called Kutsuplus. These on-demand services travel by bringing together passengers travelling in the same direction. The service accepts passengers through the internet booking system. The Kutsuplusions take all passengers from the designated stops and leave them exactly where they want to go. The prices are much cheaper than the prices for the shuttle service, which vary depending on the route.


Bus 615, which offers an intercity service, runs every half an hour from the airport to Helsinki Railway Station. Cross-border tickets must be purchased to use this line, because the airport is within the boundaries of the city of Vantaa. After reaching the main train station, you can take the underground, tram and bus to travel to the desired area of the city. In addition, the Finair city bus is another alternative to get from the airport to the city centre. This bus leaves every 15 minutes. The arrival time to the main train station is about half an hour. This difference to bus 615 is that the price is a bit more expensive and there is no possibility to transfer tickets.


Taxis are more expensive than public transport. However, they provide a very convenient means of transportation in terms of comfort. You can get a car from the taxi ranks at the airport or you can reserve your taxi by making a reservation on the internet. If you are planning a more luxurious trip, a VIP taxi service is also available at the airport. The taxi minibuses, also known as yellow lines, have a capacity of around 8 passengers. There is no special regular service for these taxi minibuses. The passengers are on the routes they want to visit. The price of the service depends on the number of passengers. So if you have a low budget for your Helsinki Trabzon flight, a taxi is not advisable.

Car rental

There are car rental companies in the airport's passenger lounge. You can rent a car here. However, travelling in private vehicles in Helsinki is not a very useful method. Parking fees are too high and the difficulty of finding a parking space can become a burden. However, if your Helsinki Trabzon trip coincides with the weekend, parking is free and car rental is a good option.

FAQs - booking Helsinki Trabzon flights

What does the cheapest Trabzon flight ticket cost?remove

martiGO compares the flights of more than 540 airlines and lists the most suitable and cheapest flights for you. The cheapest one-way Trabzon flight ticket next month on is from and costs .

Which airlines fly to Trabzon?add

Airlines flying to Trabzon are .

Can I book a flight ticket by telephone?add

Yes, because martiGO offers a completely free 24/7 customer service. We are therefore available around the clock in German, Turkish and English. Our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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How do I pay for Trabzon flight tickets?add

To make it easier for you to book the flight ticket, martiGO offers you a variety of payment methods (including Sofortüberweisung, PayPal, VISA and MasterCard). The flight cost will be debited without additional fees and you will receive a detailed confirmation email after the transaction has been completed.

When is the cheapest month to fly to Trabzon?add

Flight tickets are generally cheapest before and after peak season. To benefit from current offers, subscribe to our martiGO newsletter.

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